Shehla Raza deletes controversial tweet regarding Atif R Mian

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ISLAMABAD: Senior PPP leader and Sindh Minister for Women Development Syeda Shehla Raza deleted her controversial tweet and apologised after severe backlash.

The PPP minister had targeted, Atif R Mian, a newly appointed member of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Economic Advisory Council.

She had claimed that the globally acclimated economist belongs to a minority community and shouldn’t have been assigned the task. This statement of her triggered a stream of condemnation on social media.

Later, the party too dissociated itself from her controversial statement.

Nafisa Shah, PPPP’s Central Information Secretary, said ‘this is obviously a personal opinion: PPP promotes religious harmony and upholds rights of minorities and strongly rejects exclusion on the basis of religion, class, ethnicity or gender’.

All this condemnation compelled the former Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly to retract her tweet and issued clarification.

She tweeted: “During Election social media team was formed a member in light of words tweeted a statement, which is ambiguous creating negativity. I condemned & fired all. next I will run myself. I saw it now, busy in cabinet meeting. Accept my apologies”.

In a series of tweets, she also slammed campaign against her saying fake social media accounts under her name are ‘spreading hate material and vulgarity.


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